The Réunir Associative Group

France’s 1st Associative Group of independent small and medium-sized passenger transport companies

Réunir is the dream of visionary entrepreneurs to bring together SMEs in the road passenger transport sector to support them, boost their development and guarantee their competitiveness. A true pillar of the road passenger transport industry, Réunir is a recognized Associative Group comprising 173 independent SMEs spread over 290 territories.

Much more than an Associative Group, Réunir is a true family for whom every kilometer becomes an opportunity, every obstacle a challenge, and every dream a reality. For over 25 years, the Groupe Associatif has been evolving to enable its members to go ever further together!

Our staff

Thanks to unfailing solidarity and the exchange of best practices, our members, accompanied by our employees, take up tomorrow’s challenges every day.

Within the 7 divisions of the Groupe Associatif (Administration, Finance and Insurance; Development and Innovations; HR Development and Employer Brand; Marketing and Communication; Partnerships and Sustainable Development; Saybus; Social and HRM) our teams offer a wide range of shared services and work in close collaboration to ensure the success of Réunir members. Tools are available to support our members in areas such as risk management, developing intercity markets, responding to calls for tender, recruitment, obtaining the Réunir CSR label and managing large-scale events.

Members benefit from attractive prices and high-performance services, thanks to the 40 referenced partners who contribute to the development of the Réunir ecosystem.

Our vision

To be the Associative Group, a key player in the Road Passenger Transport sector, promoting the interests of our members and employees.

Our goals

To provide shared solutions and services that guarantee the competitiveness of our members, responding to their issues and the challenges facing the sector.

The Board of Directors of Reunir

  • Michel SEYT


    President of Réunir

  • Frédéric PINET


  • Stéphane BOUBET

    Autocars BOUBET

  • Philippe NOMBALAIS

    Voyages NOMBALAIS

  • Guillaume BERNINI

    Cars VIABUS

  • Anthony MOREAU

    Transports MOREAU 36

  • Isabelle BARRIERE

    Autocars BARRIERE

  • Christophe GAZET

    Transports FONTANON

  • Thierry SCHIDLER

    Autocars SCHIDLER

  • Olivier INGLARD

    Voyages INGLARD

  • Philippe BIHAN

    Cars BIHAN

  • Patricia PERROY


Would you like to join us?

The RÉUNIR association is always ready to listen to your needs.

Join the RÉUNIR family and let’s develop tomorrow’s mobility together.

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