The Réunir network

A unique network in France

The association RÉUNIR Les PME du transport de voyageurs is an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901.
It was created in 1998 by four family-owned passenger transport companies.

The RÉUNIR association leads a network of independent SMEs made up of 90 company directors with more than 240 operating sites, 9,000 employees, 7,500 vehicles, representing a turnover of 500 million euros per year.

RÉUNIR’s aim is to pool and develop the know-how of SMEs in order to improve their performance by relying on their primary strengths: a perfect knowledge of the territories, a high degree of adaptability and flawless responsiveness.

RÉUNIR supports managers in the development of their SMEs by offering a range of specific services.

RÉUNIR is above all a tool at the service of the companies that make up the association and provides all the technical support that members need.

The Board of Directors of Reunir

  • Michel SEYT


    President of Réunir

  • Frédéric PINET


  • Stéphane BOUBET

    Autocars BOUBET

  • Philippe NOMBALAIS

    Voyages NOMBALAIS

  • Guillaume BERNINI

    Cars VIABUS

  • Anthony MOREAU

    Transports MOREAU 36

  • Isabelle BARRIERE

    Autocars BARRIERE

  • Christophe GAZET

    Transports FONTANON

  • Thierry SCHIDLER

    Autocars SCHIDLER

  • Olivier INGLARD

    Voyages INGLARD

  • Philippe BIHAN

    Cars BIHAN

  • Patricia PERROY


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