Mon. 18 May 2020

At your side to travel

Have you thought about bus solution for your customer’s business travel? Saybus remains entirely committed to ensuring your business travel in best conditions.
Since May 11th, only travel for professional or compelling reasons are allowed for distances in excess of 100 kilometres ant that until June 2nd.
You will find on government website all the useful information for business travel.

Guarantee your security and the one of our personal

In order to guarantee your security, we commit to set up the following measure in accordance with the government guidelines:

Mesures sanitaires autocars déplacements professionnels
  • Wearing a mask is an obligation for passenger over 11 years and our drivers, masks are available for passengers who does not have one and in case of emergency on board;
  • Using de back door for get on and get off;
  • One seat out of two is unusable, booking are imitated to 60% of the vehicle capacity. The first row behind the driver is isolated and not accessible to the passengers;
  • Vehicles and bunkers are cleaned with virucide product at least once a day;
  • Waste have to be thrown away in a closed trash.

Below a schema of a vehicle:

These measures are adding to the barrier gestures which everyone has to respect to protect himself and the other inside the vehicle:

Mesures sanitaires autocars déplacements professionnels
  • Wash your hands very ofen
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your arm or use a disposable tissue
  • Dispose of any tissues you have used
  • Avoid close contact when greeting people
  • Respect physical distancing

Saybus is flexible

Due to the situation, our team is always at your disposal and adapt to all the transport needs while respecting these new sanitary measures.

For all travels starting before July 3rd, it is possible to change and cancel the booking for free 5 days prior departure.

Fleet of more than 7 900 vehicles is available for all your business travel by bus:

Autocars déplacements professionnels

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