Mon. 26 August 2019

Réunir FIT becomes Saybus

By meeting a constantly-changing market and with the aim of developing its activity at an international level Saybus is born. A new brand identity which advocates the know-how and an operational excellence of the RÉUNIR network.

National and international development objectives

With this new brand identity and an ambitious development strategy, Saybus, aims several objectives :

  • facilitate the transport operations organization and answer on a more efficient and faster  way to the request of its customers via the digitalization of its tools: a new web site and an online booking platform dedicated,,
  • simplify the project monitoring thanks to a dedicated contact for each customera project manager who will take in charged the organization from their,travels, by conception to the achievement on the D-day,
  • support the company internationalization which started with the recruitment of a new bilingual business team and a commercial development,strategy focused on the acquisition on large international accounts,
  • communicate a more dynamic and modern image of the company, by developing its renown on the « business » target,
  • guide the growth of the company (+30% Sales Revenue in 2019) which plans,to become by 2022, one of the national leaders on the sector of,occasional transport (event, tourism, corporate), ahead of its main international competitors Keolis,Transdev and Flixbus,
  • continue to federate its,network (the coach operators) around a strong brand which give access to them to exclusives business opportunity and on a large-scale.

A renew built on a four-step process

1. Design of a new brand

  • Creation of a memorable and anglophone brand name to support the international development;
  • A positioning and a strong identity to win new markets;
  • Create a break with the old brand.

2. Design of a new visual identity

  • Modern typography, dynamic and bright colours;
  • Interchange (the bubble) situated at the very heart of the message: Saybus is THE solution;
  • Image transmit by the identity, the positioning and values of the brand.

3. Design of a web site

  • Creation of a modern, ergonomic and intuitive web site;
  • Present the brand, its know-how and expertise;
  • Highlight the the national prestige of the brand;
  • Multilingual web site to attract international customer.

4. Design of a booking platform (included in the web site)

  • Be active online (face up the competition);
  • Respond to new needs and buying behaviour = immediacy;
  • Better visibility and simplified service’s offer; 
  • Conservation of human support.

Saybus, to conquer new targets and new markets

For more than 20 years, Saybus (ex-Réunir FIT) network subsidiary, has provided services to many clients from the public and private sectors in France, as well as in the world : tour operators, travel agencies, event agencies, business travel agencies, public bodies, private companies, work councils, sport clubs, religious organisations, bus companies or trade federations

Company activities are gather together in 4 major sectors of passenger’s transport : events (cultural, sports, festival) – tourism (transfers, city tours, tourist excursions) – corporate (seminars, conventions, teambuilding) and the transport consulting (advises in the conception of transport operation).

Saybus becomes an excellence technical tool for its customers and a commercial showcase serving its network. Customers interest in France and abroad is situated at the heart of all reflexions.

The Réunir network and its new brand Saybus represent today a unique model in France which will allow national and international customers to travel in France and Europe by our sides.

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