Tue. 29 September 2020

Saybus celebrates its first anniversary!

One year ago, Réunir F.I.T became Saybus. A new identity to propel a fresh impetus. Going forward and building tomorrow. Grow our know-how and always pleased you.
Ready for a recap’?

A new identity

By meeting a constantly-changing market and with the aim of developing its activity at an national and international level, Réunir F.I.T has decided in september 2019 to reinvent its brand by capitalising on its strenghts, namely its network and its team of expert.

The challenge constisted in meeting several goals:

  • Establishing the brand’s potisioning,
  • Highlighting our skills and our operational excellence,
  • Promoting the Réunir network and its members,
  • Expanding internationally,
  • Offering a high quality of service and a personalised support.

A renewewal

The renewal has been built in 4 phases:

  • Creating a new brand name,
  • Designing a new visual identity,
  • Developing a website,
  • Developing an online booking platform.

Saybus has become an excellent technical solution for its clients and a new commercial showcase to serve its network. The launch of the online booking platform is one of the angles.

The goals were, and are still today, focus on the same wish: satisfing the travellers and making the reservation easier.

The online booking platform enable Saybus to be active online and to face up the competition. Respond to new needs and buying behavious by leaning on an immediate booking system. Offer a better visibility and simplified service’s offer. And finally to conserve human support within tourism jobs.

Human, the strenght of the Réunir network, came to discover this new identity during the launch party.

Launch party

The offical launch of the new brand, and the inauguration of the new premises, was held at the end of september 2019 beside our clients and the Réunir’s board of directors.

This event organised by the « tourism » subsidiary of the Réunir network earned an unquestionable success and Saybus owes its success to the participation of its guests. Their trust since numerous years participates actively to the cntinuous improvement and to the brand development.

This party marked the beginning of a new adventure beside Saybus experts. They are in charge of keeping the collaboration and maintaining the trust through client’s projects.

What is Saybus today?

A presence on all fronts

Since september 2019, Saybus shine, assert itself and built tomorrow by making sure to be present on national and international tourism event.

  • IFTM Top Résa in Paris: trade show of tourism and travel, which cover every moving reasons.
  • General Meeting of Global Passenger Network in Brussels during the BusWorld show: Saybus participates to its firts General Meeting as the french member in the international GPN network.
  • World Travel Market in London: Saybus was present as an exhibitor to the WTM show in London. WTM is the most important show in tourism in the world. This show is the annual meeting of the economic actors of the international tourism ans leisure sector
  • IBTM in Barcelona: Saybus was present as an exhibitor to the IBTM Barcelona. First international event for meeting and event sector.

In october 2019, Saybus proposed the creation of a tourism committee. The SayCommittee is born.
Saybus success is also the result of thoughts with the Réunir network members. Members of the SayCommittee share their experiences and their success on occasional markets, event and tourism at least 3 times a year.

The aims of this committee are:

  • Support and promote the « tourism » subsidiary of the Réunir network,
  • Develop Saybus activities,
  • Improve the technical and financial offer of Saybus,
  • Participate to Saybus projects,
  • Participate to the improvement of the shareholders coordination for a bigger efficiency.

In december 2019, thanks to ou talented team and young collaborator Alissia BEGAG, Saybus has win the 1st prize of the « Grand Prix des CCE » organized by the Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in Lyon. This first prize rewards the best internationalisation project for a company from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

2020, a particular year

2020 was a surprising year. A pivotal year where everyone was ask to take time, the occasion for a self-reflection, to keep on reinvent ourselves.

In mars 2020, engaged in the battle against COVID-19, France is lockdown. Saybus team was not discouraged and remains unit with the shareholders of the network who are facing historic cancellations.

During the lockdown, the team kept on working on several projects to prepare better for the economic recovery. Several services have been organised, particulary saniraty.
For example, the rapatriation everywhere in Europe of crews from a boat cruise in Marseille with the Global Passenger Network and the shareholders of the Réunir network. We are proud of the members and of their staff who activelly participated to find transport’s solutions in France during this crisis.

Saybus supports tourism sector jobs. We are giving us the mission to sensitize the international community to its importance and to its social, cultural, political and economical values for again many years to come!

Many of you have join Saybus adventure this year and we want to thank you for your trust. A huge thanks to our clients, shareholders for the Réunir network and to the team, who make Saybus what it is today, and will be tomorrow!

Whatever your need is, Saybus has the adapt transport solution. Our experiment, our network, our rigour, ou professionalism and the excellent management of our project allow us to handle every type of transport operations (small service to huge national event), on an national or international scale.

The Réunir network and its new brand Saybus represent today a unique model in France which will allow national and international customers to travel in France and Europe by our sides.

And you, where would you like to go for this new year beside us?

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