Tue. 7 December 2021


During the last JMJ in Poland, SAYBUS provided transport for almost 2000 pilgrims.

We planned and coordinated 45 vehicles from France, Switzerland and Belgium – 23 different pick-up locations.

Each group had its own requirements, different programmes and locations within a 120 km radius of Krakow, and we responded to each group’s needs in an individual way.

Planning of dates, schedules and itineraries

Assistance in planning schedules, itineraries and adjustments to reduce travel times and improve passenger comfort, while ensuring compliance with transport and safety regulations.

location bus avec chauffeur

Excursions during the pre- and post-JMJ days

As each group was received in a different host diocese, we coordinated vehicles and drivers over a large geographical area.

We also took care of foreign groups on site (Asian, American and South American) as part of the excursions planned by each Community.

Adapting to the constraints of the terrain

As a lot of information was refined once we were on site (pilgrims’ accommodation, additional visits or modifications, places where the groups would be parked and picked up in Krakow, etc.), we were available at all times to provide rapid and appropriate solutions.


A control unit was sent on site to manage the arrival and departure of groups, and to coordinate the drivers according to the changes made on a daily basis.