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Wine tourism experiences in France

Wine tourism developed in the 1950s in France, when the very first French wine route was created; the Alsace Wine Route. The objective of wine tourism is to allow travellers to enjoy a more human form of tourism, with real encounters while discovering the heritage of a region. According to Atout France, wine tourism attracted over 10 million tourists in 2016.
Discover the different corners of France, which offer a great wine experience!

œnotourisme Bordeaux

Wine tourism in Bordeaux

Wine tourism is a major economic sector for the Aquitaine region, with the city of Bordeaux receiving more than three million wine tourists per year. Bordeaux is well known in the world for its vineyards and its wines. It appeals to wine lovers and enthusiasts alike by offering a wide range of activities on the subject. This region contains over 145,000 hectares of vineyards.

During your stay, we recommend you visit the Cité du Vin, the Musée du Vin et du Négoce de Bordeaux or take a discovery cruise. There are also introductory courses at the Bordeaux Wine School to learn to distinguish the different aromas and above all to experience new taste sensations.
You can also take the opportunity to walk or cycle through the vineyards. The Pauillac Wine House offers great walks to discover postcard-perfect landscapes.

Wine tourism in Burgundy

Located in the east of France, the vineyards of Burgundy represent about 3% of the surface of cultivated vines in France. The vines are spread over 4 departments: Yonne, Saône-et-Loire, Rhône and Côte d’Or. Like Bordeaux, it is a region renowned for its wine tourism.
In Burgundy, there are a multitude of domains to visit!
For example, the 18th century Château de Pommard, not far from Beaune, is classified as one of the greatest vineyards in the region. The estate offers wine tastings with perfectly paired meals. And for a panoramic experience, the place also offers a hot air balloon ride to explore the vineyards.
Also in Burgundy is the Maison Chanzy, where you can visit the cellars and taste wines from different grape varieties!

œnotourisme provence

Wine tourism in Provence

Provence is very well known for its lavender fields, its olive trees but also for its vineyards. The local winegrowers offer atypical wine tourism activities. Provence has more than 440 estates and châteaux. More than 89% of the AOP products of Provence are rosés, followed by 8% of reds and 4% of whites.
For example, in Flassans-sur-Issole, not far from Aix en Provence, La Commanderie de Peyrassol offers a tour with two guides to tell the history of the place. The tour is done in a horse-drawn carriage and you will pass by the large garden of 70 hectares, the Park of Sculptures and the bistro to taste good wines.

Château Romanin also offers tours to discover their terroir and the work done in the vineyards. The discovery will be accompanied by a guide, who will tell the history of the property, the techniques of wine making but also the visit of the vats (rosé, red and white) of the domain.

Wine tourism in Occitania

Occitania is renowned for the variety of its wines but also for their appellations. Indeed, there are more than 87 appellations, 51 of which are PDO, which coexist in Occitanie.
The Plaimont vineyard offers to discover wine through several activities. It offers an immersion in the daily life of an organic winegrower. For the history part, you will be able to discover the only vineyard listed as a Historic Monument. There are also workshops to learn about mixology and you can also walk along the custom-made routes.
The Cave de Crouseilles, created in 1950, is also worth a visit! It was created by pioneering winemakers who knew how to create wines with character. The château opens its doors to all enthusiasts and amateurs who wish to know more about the estate. The place also offers an exhibition of artistic works “The 7 follies of Crouseilles” as well as an escape game.

Wine tourism in Champagne

Champagne Ardenne, the cradle of sparkling wine, is very well known for its wines and vineyards. It bears this name because of its vineyards, which cover more than 30,000 hectares. There are many winegrowers who offer tours of their estates. You can’t come to this region without visiting these Champagne cellars!
The Maison Charles Mignon opens its doors to let you discover the winery and the 19th century cellars where their champagnes are made. This visit gives the opportunity to discover the know-how of the house, in different ways. Finally, a film is shown to demonstrate the secrets of champagne creation.
The Caves Albert Beerens have also been operating the vineyard since 1862. The estate represents about 7 hectares of vineyards. There are several ways to discover the place:

  • Tasting
  • Visit of the cellars, with all the manufacturing process
  • Gourmet break to discover a selection of local champagnes

Wine tourism in France is increasingly developing, with dedicated experiences and activities to discover the different wine estates. Many tourists are attracted by the wine and food on offer in all French regions.

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