During the journey

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What can I do if I have forgotten something in the coach?

Please contact us by email at contact@saybus.fr or by phone at +33 4 72 56 10 20 with your order number. We will address it as soon as possible.

Can we transport animals?

We will consider case by case every request. Please contact us by email at contact@saybus.fr or call us a +33 4 72 56 10 20.

What is the capacity of the vehicle to store luggage?

We recommend to inform us about the amount of luggage to transport during the journey. Our teams are available by email at contact@saybus.fr or by phone at +33 4 72 56 10 20.

The size of our baggage holds depends on the type of coach. We can mobilise vehicles with large baggage holds or trailers to complete them.

What are the regulations in road transport of passengers by coach?

We remind you important elements below:

  • Working time for drivers: 12 hours as a maximum for a driver and 18 hours for a two-driver team.
  • Driving time: 9 hours driving per day as a maximum for a driver.
  • Break: a 45-minute break (or a 15-minute break followed by a 30-minute break) every 4.5 hour of driving. Between 21:00 and 06:00 (night hours), breaks occur every 4 hour of driving.
  • Day off: one day off is mandatory for stays longer than 6 days on the French territory.

What can I do if I cannot find the coach or if it is late?

We invite our clients to contact us if the coach has a 10-minute delay. If you cannot reach your driver, please call us at +33 4 72 56 10 20 / +33 4 27 46 48 09. Saybus teams will inform you about the evolution of the situation in real time.

What should I respect for my safety and the safety of other passengers?

It is forbidden to stand up in the coach when it is running. Moreover, the passenger’s personal safety belt must be fastened at all times by each passenger.

How can I contact my driver?

We will give you the driver’s contact details one day before the departure, at the latest. You will be able to contact him or her the day of the service for pick-up issues.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that drivers are not allowed to phone when driving. If the driver cannot take your call, no worries, he or she will call you back. You can also call Saybus teams at +33 4 72 56 10 20 / +33 4 27 46 48 09.

How to find my coach?

You will always have the driver’s contact details, who will have on his or her side the contact details of the group leader. You will also have the exact address for the pick-up.

In addition, we advise you to provide a sign or logo that will be displayed on the vehicle’s windshield.

Finally, for meetings at the airport, we propose a meet and greet service in the terminal, by our driver who will have your sign.

Which information do I need to send to Saybus before my departure?

Mandatory information to send us:

  • Your final program and potential missing addresses and times.
  • The contact details of a group leader present in the bus during the journey.
  • Your emergency phone number, if necessary.
  • The amount of luggage to transport.
  • The list of passengers.
  • A sign board / logo of the group, if so you wish.

Which information do I need before my departure?

Prior to your departure, we will send you the driver’s phone number (the day before the departure at the latest) and our emergency number to call in case of emergency.